There exists a Cell of O.L.W. at St Peter’s. The cell is open to all, but principally to members of the Society of Our Lady of Walsingham. Times of Cell meetings will be published here and on the Events page.

**Further we are hoping to begin a group who will pray the Rosary together in each other’s homes once a month. The Rosary has been  described as the Gospel in beads-going through the major events of the life of Jesus.

Fr Mark Gilbert from Chichester Diocese encouraged all Forward in Faith parishes to get their young people to Walsingham. The Children’s pilgrimage on a weekend in Lent and the Youth pilgrimage in July/August can be brilliant ways of engaging young people in the Faith. Details can be found on the Walsingham website.

This year’s theme for the Shrine is yet to be announced.

The rewards of pilgrimage are seen in the deepening of individual’s faith and prayer life. We are joined each year by friends from other parishes and 2 stalwarts from the local Roman Catholic community who have been coming with us for many years. The sense of fellowship and enjoyment, as well as the deep atmosphere of prayer and devotion make pilgrimage to Walsingham a hugely rewarding experience.

The parish pilgrimage gathers folk not only from St Peter’s Crabbs Cross, but also from St Nicholas Alcester, St Peter Coughton, Our Lady of Mt Carmel Redditch, St Peter Bromsgrove and Ss Mary & Margaret Castle Bromwich. Our time together deepens our fellowship, helps to learn from each other’s traditions and gives us a vision of what the Church of God should become. Each year we make our Stations of the Cross at the Roman Catholic National Shrine at Houghton St Giles for two of our friends on pilgrimage with us. They usually provide inspiration for this wonderful devotion,; this year was no exception as we celebrated the “Stations of Light”-stations following the Lord after His Resurrection.

An afternoon at the seaside-good for us Midlanders- is always a part of our pilgrimage and together with time spent in the Bull or Norton Room the whole time is a mixture of life’s elements of devotion and sharing-there’s always tears of joy and plenty of laughter. Pilgrimage is one of the best elements of sharing the Christian life. Next year we’re booked in for August 28th-31st.

A printed bulletin will be available in church about the pilgrimage and associated activities.


Pilgrimage to England’s Nazareth, the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, has played an important part in the development of the spiritual life of St Peter’s. Through the pilgrimage people have come to understand the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the divine plan for the restoration of the creation by the birth, or incarnation of Christ, his life, death and resurrection. Without Our Lady saying “Yes” to the angel Gabriel, the Christ child would not have been born at God’s chosen time, ”the appropriate time”, as Saint Paul calls it, according to the Father’s design for the redemption of his creation.

The vision of the pious lady of the manor of Walsingham Parva, Richeldis de Faverches, gave rise to the second most visited shrine of holy occurences in mediaeval Europe, after Rome, until the maryrdom of St Thomas of Canterbury 100 years later. Walsingham drew pilgrims from all over Europe,  especially those who would not be capable of visiting the Holy Land; they could visit Nazareth in north Norfolk, where Our Lady asked Richeldis to build a replica of the Holy House. The House stood until 1538 when Prior Nicholas Mileham was cruelly butchered at the orders of Thomas Cromwell’s commissioners. The Canons were dispersed and the shrine despoiled. Revival for the Church of England took place via the vision of Fr Alfred Hope Patten, vicar of the parish in the 1920′s. A new shrine was constructed and the Holy House restored. Since then the shrine has offered a place of prayer, intercession, healing and vision for countless pilgrims, among whom feature many of the people of St Peter’s Crabbs Cross. Many describe their visit to the Holy House as a kind of homecoming-a place of security, warmth and peace.

Pilgrimage has many elements: journey with others, the centrality of the Mass, but also receiving water at Walsingham’s well, anointing, intercession at Our Lady’s feet, the opportunity of the sacrament of reconciliation and quiet prayer time as well as fun, getting to know fellow parishioners in a way not always possible in the usual run of parish life.




St Peter’s has two pilgrimages per year, one for the parish and one for those between 11 and 18 The Youth Pilgrimage, organised by the shrine. Both have had profound effects in the spiritual development of worshippers at St Peter’s. The rector discovered the beginnings of his vocation to the priesthood at Walsingham and has been a Priest Associate of the Holy House for 27 years.  When we have young people ready to make their first Holy Communion, we often try to take them to Walsingham for a couple of days to soak up the Spirit in that wonderful holy place.

More details can be found at www.walsinghamanglican.org.uk ; You Tube has snippets of Youth Pilgrimages. News of this year’s pilgrimage will appear on the Youth page soon.