St Peter’s Crabbs Cross is a small Victorian church with a catholic tradition. It was a chapel of ease to Feckenham church when built and has “travelled” between other parishes as such, until it became a parish church in 1980. It was finally consecrated in its centenary year: 1996. It is now the centre of the united benefice of Christ the King Redditch.

The building is uninspiring from without, but was once described by a visitor as “continental” within! However the Victorian Society has shown interest in the building, because so many chapels like it have disappeared from the English landscape and the Society is keen that such buildings be preserved.

Our restoration of the building is complete. The church is redecorated within and sound on the outside. There will always be continuing maintenance, but this should now be in small cosmetic touches. We have been generously treated by individuals in the congregation and community and from our local businesses. Apart from the building and painting, other benefactions have helped to adorn the church. Six new candlesticks and candles, a new ikon stand and  second new ikon, of Rubilev's Trinity, now add to the visual aid to worship. Our Lady of Walsingham's Shrine in the church has been relocated to the Lady Altar and her image placed more prominently. A new sanctuary lamp will soon be in place, reminding us of the continuous presence of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament within the church.   Thank you all who have made this transition possible. Why not come along and worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

Our safeguarding officer is Diane Mowatt. Her details are under Our People

The Parish is Affiliated to the Society of St Wilfred and St Hilda and registered with Forward in Faith; we are firmly wedded to the Five Guiding Principles of the House of Bishop’s Declaration on Holy Order. We are a welcoming church to all ages. We look to the bishop of Ebbsfleet, Jonathan Goodall SSC, one of the Society’s bishops, for our pastoral and spiritual needs and guidance. We engage in pilgrimage, both young and old to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham and take part in youth events across the West Midlands organised by the Society of the Holy Cross, Forward in Faith and Ebbsfleet. The parish Sung Mass is the centre of our worship and all ages are welcome at the celebration. We have a strong altar serving team, but worship is in no way regimented, but it is dignified. Our church community has affiliated Scouts, Guides, Cubs, Brownies, Beavers and Rainbows.

The church hall is used by a Pre-school group daily and in the evening by our uniformed organisations; there is a separate HQ for Scouts adjacent to the church.

Social events are part of our life together and a renewed effort is being made of late to increase the number we hold during the year.

The worshipping community has a good feel and we know how to laugh and enjoy ourselves.

We are a welcoming community, why not visit us?

Why not sponsor a lamp before one of the family portraits, i.e. a statue of a saint in church. £2 for a lamp before St Peter, Our Lady of Walsingham, Our Lady with Child Jesus, the Holy Family, the Transfiguration, the Good Shepherd or St Anthony of Padua (patron of young people)?

We have undertaken to look at ways in which we can make the Gospel more accessible to seekers after Faith and to newcomers to our community. We have a 3 year target to encourage others to the good news that Jesus proclaims through his Church.

We are engaging in "Open the Book" a Bible Society initiative which introduces the young in schools to biblical characters and heroes. We shall working in our local first school.

Thursdays there is a Lectio divina  group at 7:30pm; a sort of meditative bible study.

Monday has a "knit and natter" group meeting at 10:30 to midday and from 1:30pm the art group meets to paint and draw.

Other sites which are of interest to us are