Sunday 18th November 2018

8am Low Mass; 10am Sung Mass.

Readings Daniel 12:1-3; Psalm 15; Hebrews 10:11-14, 18; St Mark 13:24-32.

Weekday Mass: Mon 9am

Friday Stations of the Cross

Intentions: Sun Preparing for the Last Things; Mon corporate repentance; Tues personal repentance;  Wed the place of Our Lady in salvation; Thurs church musicians; Fri missionaries; Sat Christians in Vietnam.

Sunday 25th November: SUNDAY 34B: Low Mass at 8am Sung Mass 10am. CHRIST THE KING.

Readings: Daniel 7:13-14; Psalm 92; Apocalypse 1:5-8; St John 18:33-37.


November dates 27th Rosary at Home.

December dates 2nd Christingle 4pm; 16th  Service of 9 lessons and carols;

24th Blessing of the Crib 4pm; 11pm Midnight Mass of the Nativity;

25th Mass 8am Sung Mass 10am.

The Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament has a new ward which meets regularly at St Peter's: Our Lady of the Isles We meet also at St Andrew Wilmcote, the first Tractarian parish in England. The next meeting for Mass and Benediction is on Saturday 24th November at 12 noon at St Andrew Wilmcote.

24th November Christmass Fayre at St Peter's Church Hall 11am-2pm.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Baptism…………………Contact the Rector
Marriage Banns……….Contact the Rector


Confession or Reconciliation..Contact the Rector

Confession or Reconciliation is part of the Church’s Healing Ministry:
It has always been part of the Church of England’s sacramental life. It is quite clearly laid out in the Book of Common Prayer 1662 under the Visitation of the Sick.
It is a sacrament which liberates and refreshes the penitent; calls for a degree of honesty in that the words have to be spoken and once “out there” can no longer be hidden; it elicits advice which otherwise those struggling with their acknowledged failures before the Lord might not hear, access or heed.
Confessing to one another is encouraged in the letter of St James and Jesus himself in the Gospel gives authority to his apostles to exercise the ministry of forgiveness and healing. The confidential sanctity of the sacrament avoids any misuse of a person’s troubles and perceived weaknesses. Both priest and penitent are bound by this sacramental bond and nothing of what passes between them may ever be repeated to another.
Now the sacrament is known by the more helpful title of Reconciliation. The penitent is reconciled to God by the Lord’s own act of forgiveness, pronounced by the priest; only the Lord can forgive and reconcile us to himself. Only the Lord by the power of his Cross and Resurrection can liberate us from all that wrecks our life.
Here at St Peter’s the sacrament of Reconciliation is available and offered; teaching on how to go about it is also given.
Those desiring to make use of the sacrament can do so by appointment with Fr. Michael.

 "Open the Book" a Bible Society initiative which introduces the young in schools to biblical characters and heroes is proving a great success in our local first school. The team form St Peter's is now presenting, with participation of the children a story once per month. Please pray that this venture will draw children and parents to church.

Monday has a "knit and natter" group meeting at 10:30 to midday and from 1:30pm the Art Group meets to paint and draw.

A prayer cell has developed under the patronage of St Catherine of Siena. The cell will meet weekly on Thursday to read  the Gospel for the following Sunday in a method called Lectio Divina, a quiet and shared way of  looking at what the Lord is saying to us individually through the words of the Bible.

St. Peter’s also has a Cell for members of the Society of Our Lady of Walsingham. It meets for Mass and other Marian devotions. See Walsingham page. Mass of OLW  Tuesday 13th November 7:30pm.

The Rosary is prayed once a fortnight in people's homes. Details from Fr Mike.

The Mission Society of St Wilfred & St Hilda was launched at St. Peter’s Crabbs Cross Redditch by Bishop Jonathan Baker SSC, at the time bishop of Ebbsfleet. The Society’s aims and constitution can be read on its own website . Bishop Jonathan came to inaugurate the Society for the Region of the Marches-the dioceses of Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester- he is now Bishop of Fulham in the diocese of London. Society is episcopally led, by the 14 Catholic bishops, and our Bishop Jonathan Goodall serves us pastorally and sacramentally.