Our roof appeal is open for donations. We have an historic Victorian chapel, the type of which is disappearing from the English landscape according to our local Victorian Society. It is worth preserving our building and the roof is in need of refurbishment.

£34000 is the lowest estimate we have. So far from parish and one commercial donation from Thomas Bros Funeral Directors we have £20,000. We have a way to go, but we do have faith that we can preserve our Victorian building for the spiritual and community use it has had for over 100 years in Crabbs Cross. Perhaps you might help to keep our mission reaching out here in Crabbs Cross Redditch? Any donation to the refurbishment fund would be gratefully received and carry a blessing.

Donations may be made at church on Sundays 8am or 10am Masses, or at St Peter’s House.

Why not sponsor a lamp before one of the family portraits, i.e. a statue of a saint in church. £2 for a week before St Peter, Our Lady of Walsingham, Our Lady with Child Jesus, the Holy Family, the Transfiguration, the Good Shepherd or St Anthony of Padua (patron of young people)?